At Melton City Council, our organisational values are embedded in our culture and prescribe the core ethics and behaviours expected of our employees. We want to lead by example in the Melton community and be the benchmark organisation for ethical conduct – they describe who we are and how we are seen by others. Our values are reflected in everything we do; our decision-making, our actions and our service provision to the community.


We are motivated by:

  • Our essential responsibility to strive and to deliver the best possible outcomes for community.
  • Creativity, innovation and co-design approaches, with people at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Our ability to maximise our time and resources.
  • The pride we take in our work and the quality of our outcomes.


We are empowered to:

  • Involve others in solving problems, making decisions, and celebrate success.
  • Encourage and recognise the contributions of others.
  • Build capacity of staff and community.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for our decisions and actions.
  • Be curious, think differently and try new things.


We lead by:

  • Demonstrating our Vibrant MELTON Values.
  • Embracing challenges and seeking to understand the drivers of future change.
  • Encouraging creativity, innovation, design thinking and continuous improvement.
  • Welcoming new ideas and ways of working from all levels of the organisation and community.


We build trust by:

  • Demonstrating kindness, respecting all people and valuing differences.
  • Learning from others experiences and perspectives.
  • Dealing with others fairly and equitably by actively listening and responding appropriately.
  • Taking responsibility to follow through on the commitments we make


We demonstrate openness and integrity by:

  • Creating an environment that fosters honest communication.
  • Collaborating with community and partners to achieve outcomes.
  • Developing clear plans, policies and procedures and consistently applying them.
  • Being transparent, accessible and providing relevant and timely feedback.


We nurture by:

  • Supporting growth and learning to achieve organisational and community goals.
  • Being responsible for the way we treat others, and the natural environment.
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging by sharing knowledge and actively supporting colleagues and community.
  • Enriching the wellbeing and needs of current and future communities.
  • Recognising people and projects that exceed expectations, celebrating achievements individually and together.
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In 2018, the City of Melton was named the fastest growing economy for over a decade.


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